This website is operated by BA Blades. BA Blades is a UK based independent company and is NOT a part of Lansky Sharpeners.
BA Blades has the honour of being Lansky Sharpeners' UK Distributor and has been since 2010.
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Welcome to is operated by BA Blades; we are a UK distributor of Lansky Sharpeners.

New Lansky Products for 2013

Introducing Lansky Sharpening Systems

Best Sellers

Deluxe Sharpening System
£54.00 inc. VAT
World Legal Knife
£20.40 inc. VAT
Lansky Universal Mount
£10.80 inc. VAT
Leather Stropping Hone
£12.00 inc. VAT
Ultra Fine Hone
£10.80 inc. VAT
Lansky Pedestal Mount
£6.00 inc. VAT
Standard Sharpening System
£37.20 inc. VAT
Extra Coarse Hone
£7.20 inc. VAT
Responder Knife
£20.40 inc. VAT